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With evolving technologies and a backlog of ideas waiting to happen, our to-do lists are pretty extensive. Still, we want to bring the following items into (or back into) production this school year.


Initiatives in Development

CMS Web Updates

We want to work with the IT and Web teams within CMS to truly enrich the experience of site visitors with more video, good-news stories and additional ways to provide easier means for users to share contact information.

Weekly Podcast

Wouldn't it be nice to have dedicated hosts sharing the latest news and initiatives over your airwaves to kick off your school week?  Soon, you can!  We are developing a weekly podcast to highlight CMS news, global happenings, sports and much more.

Communicator Network

We plan to work with the Communications Council and our News Capturing Intranet service to create a bevy of content providers within the schools to send us evidence of the excellent teaching and learning occurring in schools every day.

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School Spotlights

Each week, we will highlight one of our schools to illustrate that exceptional teaching and learning is happening at each of our campuses.  The principal of the school will anchor the minute-long video and identify several unique facets of the school.

District Talent Showcase

With such a wide breadth of talent in our schools, we would like to work with our Arts Department to start a district-wide Eurovision/America's Got Talent style showcase.  This will not only identify the amazing musical and visual artists, but also our English, Science and CTE programs' brightest.

Student Online Blog

Although we have several newsletters that disseminate to staff, parents and the community, we do not have a place for students to get the latest district information and news.  We would like to start an online site or space for students to create and manage a districtwide online publication.

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